"Silence is so accurate."
Mark Rothko (1903-1970, Russia/USA)

Charlie Haden & Chet Baker - Silence

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"There are all kinds of silences and each of them means a different thing. There is the silence that comes with morning in a forest, and this is different from the silence of a sleeping city."

Beryl Markham, West with the Night

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"We think peace is something that has to be found and established by us, but it is already here. We just drown it out. We listen to the sound and not the silence. Peace is the silence behind the sound."
— Linda Proud, from Pallas & the Centaur
"The silence is so intense that you can hear your own blood roar in your ears but louder than that by far is the mysterious roar which I always identify with the roaring of the diamond of wisdom, the mysterious roar of silence itself, which is a great Shhhh reminding you of something you’ve seemed to have forgotten in the stress of your days since birth."

Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums 

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"When language arrives at its own edge, what it finds is not a positivity that contradicts it, but the void that will efface it. Into that void it must go, consenting to come undone in the rumbling, in the immediate negation of what it says, in a silence that is not the intimacy of a secret but a pure outside where words endlessly unravel."

Foucault, ‘Maurice Blanchot: The Thought from Outside’ in Aesthetics, Method, and Epistemology

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"Whose silence are you?"

Thomas Merton

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"In silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves."


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"Words can bring you only up to their own limit; to go beyond, you must abandon them. Remain as the silent witness only."

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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"Know complexity but hold to simplicity. Know sound but hold to silence. Know action but hold to stillness. Know knowledge but hold to innocence. Know the manifestations but hold to the mystery."
— Lao Tzu (The Tao Te Ching)

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"Grant yourself a moment of peace, and you will understand how foolishly you have scurried about. Learn to be silent, and you will notice that you have talked too much. Be kind, and you will realize that your judgment of others was too severe. Hasten slowly, and you will soon arrive."

Ancient Chinese Proverb

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"I carry deserts in my chest,
the hot sand of silence."

Edmond Jabès, The Book of Questions: Volume I (Wesleyan, 1991, translated by Rosmarie Waldrop) 

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Silences traversés des Mondes et des Anges (by paolobarzman)

"The only way you will ever awaken is through silence, not through analyzation of facts. Not by sorting out good and bad, but through simple silence, letting go. Letting go of all thoughts, all the hurts, all the dogmas and concepts. Letting go of these things daily."

Robert Adams

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"So beautiful was the sound of their voices that by degrees they scarcely listened to the words they framed. Long silences came between their words, which were no longer silences of struggle and confusion but refreshing silences, in which trivial thoughts moved easily."

Virginia Woolf, from The Voyage Out

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