Sakura (by guen-k)

Cherry Blossom (by fatcatmatt)

Sakura (by Stéphane Barbery)

Spring morning in Kyoto (by Kiyo Photography)

Cherry blossom
Sannenzaka, Kyoto, Japan

Cherry Blossoms (by ajpscs)

Tokyo, Japan

laissez vivre (by 小川 Ogawasan)

Miyajima Cherry Blossoms[Worldheritage] (by orihashi)

The Torii gate at Miyajima is one of the most famous places in Japan

Sakura and Matcha Pound Cakes (by bananagranola)

Ingredients: cake flour, eggs, butter, sugar, cherry blossom flavored bean paste (sakura-an), matcha powder, salt-pickled cherry blossoms, cherry blossom extract

Signs of spring… (by lkung409)

cherry blossoms

Sakura (by AM Fotografia)

Sakura (by sakura_chihaya+)

taken at Kongorinji Temple, Shiga, Japan

Prunus mume (by rosemary*)

Sakura Saku by sinkdd

Yamanote Line, Tokyo Japan

(via runningupwards:)

(Source: heartisbreaking)

Negative Space (via Sushicam)

Sometimes the absence of detail is what is needed to really draw the eye. 

SAKURA (via ajpscs)