PK Mixtape 2012

A mixtape of music from and related to 2012 - tracklist then commentary below:


1) Atari Video Game Logo - Suzanne Ciani (00:00 - 00:05)
2) Zenthial Arches - Team Doyobi (00:06 - 03:12)
3) Ye Ye - Daphni - JIAOLONG (03:12 - 09:17)
4) The Nightcaller - Flying Lotus (09:17 - 12:44)
5) Conversion Theory - Analogue Monsta (12:44 - 16:00)
6) Locked - Four Tet (16:00 - 24:18)
7) I Feel Love (12” Version) - Donna Summer (24:18 - 32:19)
8) Flutes - Hot Chip - In Our Heads (32:19 - 39:22)
9) Ricky’s Theme - Beastie Boys - Ill Communication (39:24 - 43:03)
10) Eclipse/Blue feat. Kazu Makino - Nosaj Thing (43:04 - 47:07)
11) Bamboo Music - David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto (47:07 - 52:13)

I felt like making another mixtape (just as I did last year), as … why the hell not. I’m no mixtape god so don’t expect anything masterful or comprehensive. I have to admit I wasn’t so into music this year, but thats not to say there was nothing worth attention. I hope, at least, there will be something anyone can appreciate.

1) Atari Video Game Logo - Suzanne Ciani

Taken from the “Lixiviation” album released by Finders Keepers Records, a compilation of examples and works by an electronic music pioneer.

2) Zenthial Arches - Team Doyobi

Taken from “Digital Music Volume 1” on Skam Records, a worthwhile addition to anyone who likes contemporary electronic music.

3) Ye Ye - Daphni - JIAOLONG

A solo effort from Daniel Victor Snaith, who also made the excellent “Swim” under the guise of Caribou. 

4) The Nightcaller - Flying Lotus

Taken from “Until The Quiet Comes”, the album is generally mellower than his previous outings, yet still has plenty to offer.

5) Conversion Theory - Analogue Monsta

Any release from TOKiMONSTA is always something I look forward to: a collaborative album with Suzi Analogue available for the price of an email address, is 10 tracks of psychadelic electronica soul. More Here

6) Locked - Four Tet

Taken from a compilation album of 12” releases, all enjoyable

7) I Feel Love (12” Version) - Donna Summer

2012 saw the passing of Donna Summer from cancer. For me, she will always be important for this track she made with Giorgio Morodor, released in 1977. A true archetype of popular electronic music which has withstand time (and employed a production hack to get it’s new sound as the technology at the time could not perform the way it does), noticed by Bowie and Eno as the sound of the next 15 years, can be played pretty much anywhere. RIP

8) Flutes - Hot Chip

From the ‘In Our Heads’ album, which I would say was mixed. However, I think this track is one of their best ever, and probably my most played tracks this year.

9) Ricky’s Theme - Beastie Boys

2012 also claimed the life of Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys (again, from cancer) at the age of 47 :( It was very sad news. Everyone here should know all the Beastie Boys classics, but here I decided something different, something that stood out for me from their ‘Ill Communication” album, a jazzy instrumental. RIP

10) Eclipse/Blue feat. Kazu Makino - Nosaj Thing

When I heard Nosaj Thing was going to release new material this year, I couldn’t wait. His Drift album was fantastic. Sadly, it was only this track that was released, and I can’t wait to hear new material in 2013.

11) Bamboo Music - David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto

My favourite release this year was not a commercial one - it was a compilation from the Root Blog called ‘野生の野望’ featuring 80’s Japanese electronic pop music related to musicians of the band Yellow Magic Orchestra. A wide range of music which until now I had a lack of knowledge of. More about the compilation (and links to get it) can be found here.

I hope you enjoy it :)

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Rooftop Sessions, v.25 by Aldous on Mixcloud

Rooftop Sessions V.25 by Aldous 

Nearly an hour and a half mix of downtempo, leftfield electronic music put together by aldous:

1)   Blockhead - Midnight Blue\
2)   Broadcast - Subject To The Ladder\
3)   Arms And Sleepers - The International\
4)   Amorph - Rainy Evenings\
5)   Yppah - Film Burn \
6)   Mike Flowers Pops - Debase (Aphex Twin Soft Palate remix)\
7)   Telekinesis - Please Ask For Help (Populous remix)\
8)   James Yuill - Head Over Heels\
9)   Malcolm McLaren - About Her\
10)   Arms And Sleepers - The Paramour\
11)   The Green Kingdom - Radiance Reflected (The Boats remix)\
12)   Two People In A Room - Been Trying To Meet You
13)   Donnacha Costello - Nothing, Still Nothing\
14)   Arc Lab - Slow Down\
15)   Boards of Canada - Open The Light\
16)   Displacer - Elbows Bent At Right Angles (w/ Broken Fabiola)\
17)   Soulja Boy - Pretty Boy Swag (Shlohmo remix)\
18)   The Remote Viewer - Last Night You Said Goodbye, Now It Seems Years.\
19)   The Boats - There Are Tunnels Where We Live\
20)   Xela - Streetlevel\

If you prefer, you can listen to this at it’s MixCloud page here, and check out other great mixes in the series at Aldous’ music site here (Personal Tumblr blog here).

Previous PK Aldous mix links here and here

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Headphone Commute Mixtape: Dream Scores

01- Thomas Newman – Brooks was here (The Shawshank Redemption OST)
02- Johan Soderqvist – Eli and Oscar (Let The Right One In OST)
03- Philip Glass – I’m Going To Make a Cake (The Hours OST)
04- :papercutz – short interlude #1
05- James Newton Howard – The Bad Color (The Village OST)
06- Yann Tiersen – Summer 78 (Good Bye, Lenin! OST)
07- Gustavo Santaolalla- De Usuahia a la Quiaca (The Motorcycle Diaries)
08- :papercutz – short interlude #2
09- Thomas Newman – Angela Undress (American Beauty OST)
10- Clint Mansell – Two Weeks And Counting (Moon OST)
11- :papercutz – short interlude #3
12- James Horner – Playing a Game of Go (A Beatifull Mind OST)
13- Danny Elfman – Ice Dance (Edward Scissorhands OST)
14- Ryuichi Sakamoto – Second Return (Silk OST)
15- John Williams – Memoirs Of A Geisha (The Chairman’s Waltz OST)
16- :papercutz – short interlude #4
17- Ryuichi Sakamoto – Reminiscence (Silk OST)
18- Joe hisaishi – Haiso (Princess Mononoke OST)
19- :papercutz – Encantamento (Do outro lado do espelho (Lylac ambient reworks)

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RA Podcast: Apparat 

50-minute electronica mix, described as ‘Melodic melancholia’, is actually upbeat:

The drums and arrangements may have evolved around it, but melody has always remained central to Sascha Ring’s craft. Cast an ear back to 2001’s Multifunktionsebene and it’s there wafting over the IDM-informed glitch; fast-forward to 2011’s Devil’s Walkand it’s leading delicate songs you could hear on the radio. In the time between these two full-lengths Ring became one of Germany’s preeminent electronic artists. 2006’s Orchestra of Bubbles alongside fellow Berliner Ellen Allien hit as interest in the sounds of the city were reaching fever pitch. A similarly Berlin-centric project was conceived in 2009 with the release of Moderat, Ring’s collaboration with Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary of Moderat. His live solo material had by this point taken on the form of a band, set-up to tour his crossover full-length Walls. The show was expanded upon for last year’s Devil’s Walk, Ring’s most introverted and traditionally structured offering yet.


Space Dimension Controller - 2257 AD
Pional - In Another Room
Tevo Howard - Spend Some Time
Jacob Mikesh Filburth - At the Ranch (Lauer Rmx)
Todd Terje - Swing Star Pt II
ZZT - ZZafrica - (Julio Bashmore Rmx)
Jacques Greene - These Days
Glass Candy - Sugar & Whitebread
Bostro Pesopeo & Pional - Yes
College - Incident
Daphni - Ahora (Margot Rmx)
M83 - When Will You Come Home
Tahiti 80 - Darlin Adam Eve Song (John Talabot Rmx)
Zodiac Free Arts Club - Lindos Express
Tim Hecker - Hatred of Music II

More about the mix can be found at Resident Advisor here

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Haunts mix WBRS Waltham, MA July 13, 2012 

I got a message from ghostmittens the other day ….

hi! if you like electronic music sets here’s a mix i did last month for a radio program in the US. its 30 tracks and it runs about 74 mins. maybe its stuff you’ve heard already but i thought you might enjoy it

It’s great … the kind of IDM / Electronica mix that is great to play when you travel around.

0:00 Dopplereffekt - Z-Boson
0:09 Four Tet - You Could Ruin My Day
2:01 Prhizzm - I Miss You Already
3:58 Iris - Vacant
7:19 Bleep - Coils
9:14 Phantogram - Futuristic Casket
12:19 Kalx - Gravitron
15:01 Esem - Dispherse
18:47 Carbon Based Lifeforms - Init
22:10 Christ - Making A Snow Angel
25:56 Legiac - Tretz Dizm
28:40 Professor Kazkaz - Europium
31:05 Arovane - Theme
32:59 Washed Out - Before
35:45 Planet Boelex & Lisa’s Antenna - Not From Here
38:37 Koss - SpeedofSound
41:34 Dissolved - Every Pulse Is Noted
44:12 Arc Lab - Spectres
44:29 El Iqaa - Rated Raqs „ #Things That Quicken The Heart
45:49 Ametsub - Peaks Far Afield
48:49 x|k - Warm Wishes
50:25 Patrick Pulsinger - Grey Gardens featuring Hanz Hautzinger
52:33 Weird Continental Types - Rizing
55:08 Sasha - Coma (Spangled Rubdub)
57:30 Anders Ilar - Cries Of The Wilderness
57:49 Culvre - The Consequence Of Love And Indecision
59:11 Charlie May - Midnight (Original Mix)
63:15 Soliquid - Music Is For Rich People (Original Mix)
66:54 Burial - Kindred
68:48 Gridlock - Chrometaphor

If you want to download it, you can get it from it’s SoundCloud page here

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Love to Love You by Rucyl on Mixcloud

Love To Love You by Rucyl 

50 minute mix of laid-back music, both acoustic and electronic.


  1. I’D Have You Anytime By George Harrison
  2. Say It Again By Oisima
  3. Just Before Dawn By Sonnymoon
  4. The Machines Are The Stars By Saturn Never Sleeps
  5. Fame Boozer’s Lullaby By Tokimonsta Feat. Rucyl
  6. Tobyjug By Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles
  7. Teach U A Lesson By Robin Thicke
  8. Pure Love By Low Leaf
  9. All In My Mind (Reprise) By I Ced
  10. Love, The Mystery Of By Art Blakey And The Afro-Drum Ensemble
  11. Daylight (Ras _G Asp Edit) By Ras _G & The Afrikan Space Program
  12. Bass By Line Generator - Raymond Scott
  13. I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love By The Emotions
  14. Forever By Little Dragon

Links to downloading can be found at the Mixcloud page here

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Mucker - quiet normal music 019 

A mellow, little glitchy, electronica / IDM mix:

shigeto - embrace the cold
metamatics - broken english from europe
sofalofa - counts the accular
mr. projectile - acting right
world standard - old man blues
shlohmo - naps
machine drum - are i (xela soul in the machine mix)
skipsapiens - compresion infinitesimal
pole - mädchen
désormais - failure for every flavour
teengirl fantasy - floor to floor
oscar mcclure - grass cuttings
richard devine - step focus
phonem - displacement
mouse on mars - the end
boards of canada - telephasic workshop
four tet - she moves she (live)

Available from Percussion Lab here

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DAVID BOWIE MIX by DJ Toneman (48:42)

Nearly 50 minutes of classic David Bowie tracks, who is 65 today.

No tracklist, but you should be able to recognize all the music, starting with ‘Let’s Dance’, following with ‘Changes’ (which, believe it or not, is 40 years old …)

Links for download can be found at Mixcrate here

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