☁ … (by sonia…….)

Snowfall In Reykjavik (by Seeing Visions)

ii.☂  (by sonia…….)

New york
(by christophejacrot:) New york
(by christophejacrot:)

New york

(by christophejacrot:)

Blurred Shinjuku (by guen-k)

The Morning After (by Patty Maher)

I’m Going Away (by s@mar)

The Birds (by M Belmar)

Solitude Stuffing (by paolobarzman)

98 (by María.T)

Hassy meets Ha Long Bay (and coffee) (by Fabio Sabatini)


Decided to step out of line… (by sonia…….)

Tokyo Night (by tokyoform)

Goodbye 2013 (by Teruhide Tomori)

Osaka, Japan

Chamonix Mont Blanc (by ceca67)