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Japanese Kimono Fabric


Special kimono for dancing. Second half of 20th century, Japan.  

MET Museum

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Kiku Stencil Pattern (by raaen99)

Detail of a beautiful bolt of vintage Japanese cotton fabric used to make everyday kimonos. The pattern features traditionally stylised chrysanthemums, woven in white against a red background.

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Recycled kimono iPad case (by Kaz Style)

Recycled Kimono Clutch Bag (by Kaz Style)

Maiko (by Masahiro Makino)

Gion, Kyoto

An Omi Jofu Child’s Kimono: Indigo Dyed Hemp or Ramie

Omi jofu is woven in Shiga Prefecture, which neighbors Kyoto Prefecture; omi jofu is made from both hemp and ramie, and the best examples are of hand plied yarns. In this child’s kimono, we see Omi jofu’s characteristic indigo dyed kasuri or ikat weave. This small kimono bears the lovely pattern of paulownia flowers, folding fans and plum blossoms, images that suggest delicacy and fortitude simultaneously. asa | Sri Threads

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Floral Winter in Kyoto (by vivienne*)

Japanese Tomesode 1950s

Chirimen silk crepe formal winter kimono with yuzen dyeing, gold couching and gold surihaku.

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  1. Camera: Nikon D80
  2. Aperture: f/10
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 48mm

Kogin Kimono

This kimono was made and worn by a woman living in Tsugaru, a penisula in the very north of Honshû, the main island of Japan. It is woven with fine indigo-dyed ramie. The decorative panel on the upper part has been stitched in white with a diamond pattern, a technique known as kogin. If she was to make a good marriage it was essential that a Tsugaru woman master the skills of kogin, and training began at an early age. By her wedding day the bride was expected to have woven and embroidered a number of fine garments for herself and her future husband. These would be worn on special occasions.

Kimono - Victoria & Albert Museum

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Japanese apricot flower fabric (by karaku*)

Kimono Patchwork Pouch (by Kaz Style)

Chrysanthemum Pouch (by Kaz Style)

recycled from vintage kimono