A crater infested concrete shell, Luna iPhone skin, by  Posh Projects
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A crater infested concrete shellLuna iPhone skin, by  Posh Projects

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iPhone App Design

Designer David Elgena designed and developed this iPhone weather app. The app design is inspired by Dieter Rams’s legendary BRAUN designs. The user interface is well design and it looks really like an old BRAUN gadget. Especially all the small weather symbols are lovely designed. You can download the app in the Apple App Store

Instant Camera iPhone Decal

The Polaroid iPhone decal for iPhone 4 from Photojojo

The Cdock™ is a handmade iPod docking station (designed by James Sproul of Portland’s Hatched Goods and Adam Shearer) that transforms your iPhone in a stylish retro clock and a small flat screen TV.

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Smart Dot (3.5mm iPhone Laser Pointer) - Design by TANGRAM 

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The Vibe

Design an iPhone case with a waveform pattern, using a Soundcloud-hosted soundfile, made by 3D printing company Shapeways:

3D Print a custom iPhone case with your favorite sound using Shapeways, the 3D printing marketplace & community. 


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Rendez-Vous by mutablend

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haku - ハク | METAPHYS

iPhone Cover

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  1. Camera: Nikon D700
  2. Exposure: 1/80th


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The Amazing Type-Writer

An iOS app that lets you create messages in a type-writer style onto virtual paper cards.

There is no delete button.

A type-writer of finest manufacture …

- Record your thoughts & textual doodles for posterity on high-quality cardstock!

- Post your cards to the prestigious Typewritten Gallery!

- View the works of others, and unabashedly type on their cards!

More information here

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