Geisha (by Masahiro Makino)

Kyoto, Japan

Satsuki’s Neck 

Gion, Kyoto

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Geisha (by Alain Davreux)

Constrained Beauty by Alex Aquilina

Constrained Beauty by Alex Aquilina


Geisha of Gion (by milestone505)

Flower of Kyoto (by nobuflickr)

Kyoto Maiko (by Baraka50)

Sheer Melancholy (by Onihide)

Sheer Melancholy (by Onihide)

Osaka Maiko Chiyoha 1910 (by Blue Ruin1)

TRADITION (by ajpscs)


“Tradition is the illusion of permanance.”
Woody Allen

Satomi-san’s sakkō hairstyle (by self-unemployed)

Osaka Maiko with a Butterfly Obi 1913 (by Blue Ruin1)

“In Osaka there are pastime houses called the ochaya, which are the tea-houses literally, but entirely different from those in Tokyo. If you want to engage a geiko [geisha], first you have to go and give order to one of the ochaya, then the ochaya makes announcement to the misĕ, or the office of the geiko guild (equal to the Kemban in Tokyo), and the office despatches a man or maid-servant to the girl’s house, which is called the yakata…”

From “The Nightside of Japan” by T. Fujimoto, first published in 1914

Steve McCurry, “Geisha in subway” (2007), Kyoto, Japan

This picture reflects the juxtaposition of an ancient tradition in the modern world. The woman is the epitome of elegance in a utilitarian, stark, unromantic setting. It captures the paradox of the classic in a hurried world.

Earlier this month, Photo Booth looked at the New York City subway over time. This week, they’ve curated a selection of contemporary images from subways around the world. Click-through for a slideshow: 

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  1. Aperture: f/3
  2. Exposure: 1/60th
  3. Focal Length: 28mm