Song on a bed of forget-me-nots ( by farah willem)

evening of seagulls 
blue chance 
my heart on the breast 
piano on the wind 
the elegies which wait 
while you carry rancour 

the sea is nourished 
tentacular shakings 
pleasure wrinkles on reefs 
by painting brown hair 

to be always thirty years old 
and a voice in the sky 
a dictionary of secrecies 
mooring rope to the truth with tears 
that no tongue could 
to wipe 

statues with the broad 
a skin of giant 
stream of silver scales 

shade from foreign 
folding its knees 

sigh clouds 
the anchor the fire the iron 
white and salt 
hemmed by angels 

with blows of horns 
solemn and so vast 
which keep silent to evacuate 
the centuries which do not exist any more 
on a bed of forget-me-not 
the fur of the sleep in full summer 

not only to absorb 
dream but to carry them 
very far, very far 

because sorrows 
are sometimes so clear 

because stones 
are sometimes prayers 

the night sea. here

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…when nearest to the trick, as far as ever

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like all the other small rooms
of my life…

C. Bukowski

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read only a page..

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