Scent of Blossom (by 美撒郭)

Sakura (by 7E55E-BRN)

Blossom Tea (by ingwervanille)

Poppy by Linda Morrow was released this past summer and is comprised of thirty-two pages—including twelve images that loosely represent the life cycle of the Iceland Poppy.


(via andrewharlow:)

Dandelion (by iminhull)

Chime (by Jazz Jumper)

….. Isis (by azraviolet 9)

Kemboja (by Hengki Koentjoro)

Tears in Autumn (by iCloud_9 / NyanJiroo)

Lotus (by sue h)

Autumn Crocus (by sue.h)

Natural Lightness of Being (by Wolfgang Moersch)

The tangle of the monotone… (by Hadìe)

Esprit (by James Thornbrook)

"Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light" - Theodore Roethke

Purple Bud (by fs999)