Mindful Moment by studio Judith / Judith Stewart

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After long long hours of sitting at my desk or computer my body has grown increasingly dissatisfied with this routine of mine…so yoga has been happening in my life to amend the situation! Here is a little gouache painting inspired by this new part of my day! 

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  1. Camera: EPSON GT-20000

Motion Silhouette

Japanese childrens’ book that features pop-up shapes to cast shadows for the reader to bring motion to its story - video embedded below:

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This book is his second picture book that changes its shape depending on the environment.

I will begin to talk about the story and illustrations shadow falls on top of the page overlap. In this work, you can enjoy the animation of shadow phantasmagoric by you move the light. Trees and become bigger and bigger, which aims to train a distant star. Story that changes depending on the page falling shadows, shadows move around the top of the page.

Please enjoy the silhouette meaning and shape change in various ways.

You can find out more at the motion-silhouette Tumblr page here

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beautiful & brilliant!

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Loved to Death, graphite drawing by May Ann Licudine aka Mall

I created my piece for the “Memento Mori” group show in Curiosites. Please visit my art blog http://nnayam.blogspot.com/2014/04/memento-mori.html

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Constellations (by Brendan Kearney) Constellations (by Brendan Kearney)

Constellations (by Brendan Kearney)