Jonn Serrie - Deep Mystery

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Harold Budd - The Messenger

from: Music For 3 Pianos

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The Sound of Rain

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Raul Ramirez - Amsterdam

album: Ecomusica Vol. 2

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Raul Ramirez - Bamboo Bei

album: Ecomusica Vol. 2

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Harold Budd/Brian Eno - First Light

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Takahiro Kido - Sweet Silence

From … and darkness came

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I’ve Lost

“…and I saw her again, then she was gone”

From From These Hands

With thanks to Warren Ellis for another wonderful recommendation

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Nils Frahm - Re (Helios Rework)

A musical genius made a rework for another musical genius’ song. Result = magnificent.

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Beautiful remix of Helios’ ‘The Obesiant Vine’ from the album ‘Helios — Remixed’ which is out now on Unseen.

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Rooftop Sessions, v.25 by Aldous on Mixcloud

Rooftop Sessions V.25 by Aldous 

Nearly an hour and a half mix of downtempo, leftfield electronic music put together by aldous:

1)   Blockhead - Midnight Blue\
2)   Broadcast - Subject To The Ladder\
3)   Arms And Sleepers - The International\
4)   Amorph - Rainy Evenings\
5)   Yppah - Film Burn \
6)   Mike Flowers Pops - Debase (Aphex Twin Soft Palate remix)\
7)   Telekinesis - Please Ask For Help (Populous remix)\
8)   James Yuill - Head Over Heels\
9)   Malcolm McLaren - About Her\
10)   Arms And Sleepers - The Paramour\
11)   The Green Kingdom - Radiance Reflected (The Boats remix)\
12)   Two People In A Room - Been Trying To Meet You
13)   Donnacha Costello - Nothing, Still Nothing\
14)   Arc Lab - Slow Down\
15)   Boards of Canada - Open The Light\
16)   Displacer - Elbows Bent At Right Angles (w/ Broken Fabiola)\
17)   Soulja Boy - Pretty Boy Swag (Shlohmo remix)\
18)   The Remote Viewer - Last Night You Said Goodbye, Now It Seems Years.\
19)   The Boats - There Are Tunnels Where We Live\
20)   Xela - Streetlevel\

If you prefer, you can listen to this at it’s MixCloud page here, and check out other great mixes in the series at Aldous’ music site here (Personal Tumblr blog here).

Previous PK Aldous mix links here and here

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Anenon - Wabi

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Solitude - Ambient Dubstep Vol. 17


Nanobyte - Lost Time
RQ - Willows
Miyuki - Things We Left Behind
RQ - Surface Tension
Delta X - Don’t Forever
Versa - Monsoon
Vaun - Colourful
Nanobyte - Kalyke
Mala - Alicia
FullCasual & Brais Larkin Ft. Kooka - Feel (Congi Remix)
J-One, Wen, Lex, Arktrix - Should Have
J-One - Spirits Awaken
Formless - Hidden Realm
Kahn Ft. Jasmine - Altar
My Nu Leng - Find You
Lung - Broken
VVV - Present Tense
Stumbleine - Try To Remember Me (boyChild remix)
Zelda Marshall - Replay (Kyson Remix)
Sorrow - Through The Night
Sorrow & Owsey - One Chance With Her, Two With Mistakes
Sangam - Green Clouds Lead Us To Peak
Ghostlight - Known All The Days
Daughter - Love (Synkro Remix)
Akema - That Was Then
Blu Mar Ten - Blue Skies (Unquote Remix)
Biome - Swan (Versa Remix)
DJ Rum - The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (Undercoat Pt.2)
Mirror State - Statue
My Nu Leng - Fireflies VIP
Unknown - Two Two’s
Nanobyte - Rogue
Kaiju - Silverfish
DCult - Worked
Content - Forewarned
Gantz - Left Right Hindsight
Kaiju - Lone Wolf
RQ - Slight Light
Anstam - Aeto B
Clubroot - Sjambok

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Burial - In McDonalds

5 years ago this month Burial dropped his Untrue LP. We all know what happened next.

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Muramic - Magnolias

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