Japanese Anemone (by FRANCO600D)

light & delicate as a feather

City Life (by antonio•merini)

The Flowers (by Intentionally Lost)

Intimate Diary (by chachahavana)

Yumiko from Tokyo

La Dolce Vita

Twisted (by Intentionally Lost)

Only You (by Intentionally Lost)

her neck (by Etienne Boissise)

Agnolo (by antonio•merini)

Zefiro torna (by antonio•merini)

Serval Cat (by Bella Lee)

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Shell and Rock Arrangement, 1931 by Edward Weston

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Shadow Tattoo (by Helene Desplechin)

"Photography has very little to do with mastering all the knobs and dials on your DSLR and everything to do with learning to look, really look, and get beyond the endless collections of different objects and people."