Naked Berlin Cigarettes

(by agnesiod:)

Dream State….  (by Máire Ó)

No permanence is ours, we are a wave that flows to fit whatever form it finds.”

― Hermann Hesse

Scream (by philippe conquet)

Redflow (by Ade Santora)

True Stories & Made-Up Stories (by antonio•merini)

Today I will mainly be hiding from myself (by brendan ó sé)

Smoking Zoé (by lobbiaz)

Night Thoughts (by la fotomaniaca)

Dracula Raven Orchid (by Eric Hunt.)

A Change is Only the Landscape (by antonio•merini)

Barber shop (by dolcejp0310)

Taipei, Taiwan

The light was perfect… (by antonio•merini)

Solitude (by S@l@din.B)

Ghisolfa (by antonio•merini)