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Philip Glass - Metamorphosis 4

from: Glass Cage

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Philip Glass - Dance VIII

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Philip Glass Ensemble - Facades

Album: Glassworks

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Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet - The End of Dracula

from: Dracula

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Philip Glass Etude No. 19

Click play to hear an exclusive premiere of Philip Glass’ Etude No. 19 via ABC’s Radio National. 

Read more details here and follow Radio National on SoundCloud here.

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Kronos Quartet - Dr. Van Helsing & Dracula

(composed by Philip Glass, from Philip Glass: Dracula, his score for 1931’s Dracula)

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Philip Glass - Music Box (Candyman Suite)

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"The work I did is the work I know, and the work I do is the work I don’t know. That’s why I can’t tell you, I don’t know what I’m doing. And it’s the not knowing that makes it interesting."
Philip Glass on the importance of staying uncomfortable – something every great scientist, great artist, and great poet can speak to.

Celebrate Philip Glass’ 75th birthday with inventive remixes by Beck, Dan Deacon, Tyondai Braxton and more

Stream REWORK_Philip Glass Remixed now.

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Philip Glass. (Koyaanisqatsi - Listen here)
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Philip Glass. (Koyaanisqatsi - Listen here)

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Philip Glass - The Kiss

from the film: The Hours

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Philip Glass (David Bowie & Brian Eno) - Subterraneans Part 1 

from the “Low Symphony” 1993.

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Kronos Quartet - Mishima/Closing (from Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass)

Kronos Quartet is a string quartet founded by violinist David Harrington in 1973. Since 1978, the quartet has been based in San Francisco, California.

The longest-running combination of performers (1978–1999) had Harrington and John Sherba on violin, Hank Dutt onv iola and Joan Jeanrenaud on cello. Jennifer Culp replaced Jeanrenaud on cello in 1999. Jeffrey Zeigler replaced Culp on cello in 2005. Kronos specializes in new music and has a long history of commissioning new works. In fact, over 600 works have been created for the Kronos Quartet. They have worked with many minimalist composers including Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Terry Riley and Kevin Volans.

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"In order to arrive at a personal style, you have to have a technique to begin with. In other words, when I say that style is a special case of technique, you have to have the technique — you have to have a place to make the choices from. If you don’t have a basis on which to make the choice, then you don’t have a style at all. You have a series of accidents."
— “You practice and you get better. It’s very simple,” iconic composer Philip Glass famously said. A new NPR interview by his cousin,This American Life’s Ira Glass, gleans deeper insight into the philosophy and creative process of the modern genius. (via curiositycounts)
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Philip Glass || Metamorphosis 2

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