After all, we’re all flawed (by Taya Iv)

Doll and Hobby Horse, Boston, 1964 by Paul Caponigro

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anti-perfectionist protester pretending to be normal
(by paolobarzman)

Sunday Morning Coffee (by r.e. ~)

The Lady (by Shirren Lim)

Gonzaga (by antonio•merini)


Crossed Paws (by Helle Jorgensen)

Crossed Paws (by Helle Jorgensen)

Chinese Dogwood (by Intentionally Lost)

Contemplation (by orangeduck1207)

On The Scene (by black opal_2005)

Okuribito (by [seya])

Almost here (by PLACET_EXPERIRI)

Siena (by antonio•merini)

One Too Many Mornings (by antonio•merini)