Abyssine (by Savara)

Abyssine (by Savara)

The Rapture (by sarahstewart☼)

in the night, shadows are walking on the wall

True Stories & Made-Up Stories (by antonio•merini)

Settembre (by antonio•merini)

On The Road (by philippe conquet)

Marlene Dietrich photographed in 1952 by Eve Arnold

Capucine, 1957 by Slim Aarons

Capucine, 1957 by Slim Aarons

Sensibility (by one eyed fish)

Frangipani (by Khadija Benn)

With the Passing Days (by antonio•merini)

Demetra (by A-Parrot)

Tuscany, Italy 2000 by Michael Ackerman

Cracked (by Intentionally Lost)