Birds, eggs, nests, feathers: a collaboration between book artists Susan Bowers and Fiona Dempster

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The Wind by Dan Casado

The Wind by Dan Casado

Jean Francois Lepage

A French fashion photographer who uses drawing and collage to create his images.

36 ventilators whirl 4.7m3 of packing chips

Latest installation from Zimoun uses simple materials to display turbulance - video embedded below:

From Creative Applications:

Opening this Saturday (April 26) at the Art Museum of Lugano in Switzerland, 36 ventilators, 4.7m³ packing chips is the new installation by Zimoun, the Bern-based artist known for his architecturally-minded platforms of sound. Zimoun yet again extends his installation inventory. Converting nine of the museum’s towering window spaces into ‘ventilation chambers’ (four ventilators are installed in each window) and filling them with polystyrene, Zimoun unleashes a perfect ‘plastic storm.’ Congregating into a mass that’s neither solid, gaseous nor liquid, the flakes perform a violent, otherworldy dance. With the phenonema trapped behind glass, we get to watch in wonder from the safety of the outside.

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Zimoun is also featured in Creative Application’s new magazine HOLO, which you can find out more here

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Weightlessness by Yulia Luchkina

The Republic by Francesco Chiacchio

Illustrations created for the cultural pages of the Republic of Florence

Innenzeitraum by Jaya Suberg

Innenzeitraum by Jaya Suberg

Style Asahi February 2014 (by Tatsuro Kiuchi)