Girl In Blue Blouse by Peter Falk

Peter Falk, better known as the TV detective Columbo, was something of an avid sketcher. While working in the film ‘Wings of Desire’ by Wim Wenders, his sketches that he took between film breaks became part of the film:

Another unexpected addition to the film resulted from Wenders’ noticing that Falk frequently made sketches of extras between takes. Wenders asked him if it was all right to use that in the film, to which the actor replied: “Yeah, why not.” This is the origin of the scenes in the bunker in which Falk sketches two extras: first the woman wearing a yellow star [shots 3055-3077] and subsequently the man who “has eyes like a raccoon” [shots 4025-4031].

Source: What is Peter Falk Doing in Wings of Desire (Link)

While his work may not be to everyones taste, some of his work is online which can be found here:

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