The Ubiquitous (by F.w.)

The air current circumstances has thrown the wing of the goldfinch. The heart is full of the flesh that surrounds it. This is when the was sinking in the night wetness of these reliefs. Spirit counted on the fingers of the hand. The sea wall has washed away some branches of wood under swarms of purple acute. The tentacles raise shells of porcelain. You understand the rumors in a sand dust before the ashes. Your eye is as infinite as the stone, we feel dizzy sometimes blindly to miracles in the unknown force. Retired against your skull hardness transparent wind and caress. We could allow the virtue of a word but the scar is open to keen on salt. How to wrap the wishes of her desire? The naked truth is by crushing the child and the soul of the night comes rushing the abyss of the sea in an absolute anthem.Your nails have hooks that are renewed in the breath but all hands are insufficient resources to face events. The algae derived to some extent, by the time we enter a rear surface which alter the extent insistent reflections. We have the gift of ubiquity. Night to the ink in the ink. The scum rises. The degrees also. The dance is at its worst. The sea and love. It is a bitter substance.

[17 What can exist anywhere

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