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After sharing loads of mixes on this Tumblr blog, I thought I would have a go at making one myself - this is actually the first time I have attempted a digital one, so if you spot any flaws - that’s why. I’m not a sound engineer, nor am I a DJ, and I didn’t see any need to create some sort of end-of-2011 list as there are more experienced and knowledgeable people who do that. If anyone has some constructive criticism, feel free to let me know …

This is a collection of tracks that have been played a lot on my iPod Touch, some things I have shared on this Tumblr blog that have been of interest, and some tributes to people who have passed away this year, or the anniversary of their passing.


01) Ant City - Kuedo (2011) [00:00:00]
Great atmospheric album - like Nosaj Thing went back to the early 80s, kidnapped Vangelis to make another sci-fi soundtrack with an 808 drum machine

02) Separator - Radiohead (2011) [00:03:11]
Last track to their ‘King Of Limbs’ album

03) VCR (Four Tet Remix) - The XX (2010) [00:08:26]
I rebloged this from notational - someone who I have been following for ages who, among the other things he does, has good taste in music

04) Bright Shadows - TOKiMONSTA (2011) [00:16:44]
From her ‘Creature Dreams’ EP released this year

05) Confusion - DJ Soulscape Feat. 각나그네 (2003) [00:20:26]
Musical curiosity has led me to this Korean Hip-Hop DJ (I’ve posted two of his mixes here + here) and very recently received a couple of his albums. This track is one of two on this mix that appear from his ‘Lovers’ album. I don’t understand a word being said, but the delivery and production is great.

06) Le Corbeau Et Le Renard - Dynastie Crisis (1970) [00:25:59]
Posted earlier this year, the French prog-rock band Dynastie Crisis, who didn’t get any recognition in their time, produced a track which to modern ears sounds like Hip-Hop … all the way back in 1970 …

07) Push Me Pull You - Futurisk (1982) [00:28:44]
I somehow managed to come across the musical genre ‘Synth Punk’, and I love this jam …

08) Futura - Battles (2011) [00:31:04]
From their ‘Gloss Drop’ album

09) Trapped - Boards Of Canada (1995) [00:37:17]
A catchy remix allegedly put together by the Boards of Canada (under the pseudonym Hell Interface, found on one of their mixtapes (video here)

10) Gratitude - Acoustic Ladyland (2009) [00:40:49]
Discovered this on a mix for an ATP event in London curated by Portishead. The track is taken from their album ‘Living WIth A Tiger’, an instrumental rock album that tests how the saxaphone can be a lead instrument in the genre. I enjoyed it.

11) Me And The Devil - Gil Scott-Heron (2010) [00:45:02]
RIP to the guy who wrote ‘The Television Will Not Be Televised’ amongst others …

12) Always Crashing In The Same Car - David Bowie (1977) [00:48:33]
Somehow late to the party, I bought Bowie’s ‘Low’ album this year - besides, you can’t really go wrong with putting Bowie in a mixtape …

13) I Just Want To - Reggie Watts (2009) [00:52:00]
Just a great track put together on the spot - it is probably better appreciated on the video (which you can see here)

14) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service - John Barry (????) [00:55:22]
A composer who did have a talent for bringing style and drama to the films he worked on … RIP

15) Another One Bites Da Funk - Daft Queen (2009 redo, originally 2003) [00:58:01]
Earlier this year, Google celebrated Freddie Mercury’s would-be birthday in one of their doodle’s, it was also the 20th anniversary of his passing. I wouldn’t say I was a Queen fan, but looking now he was a great talent and personality, something sadly lacking in modern times. This mash-up with Freddie’s vocals escalates the fun factor of the original (you can get the track here)

16) Jasmine - DJ Soulscape Feat. 청안 (2003) [01:01:55]
Last track on this mix is another one from DJ Soulscape’s ‘Lovers’ album, a simple upbeat track to end on. I still have no idea what is being said …

This mix is posted on Soundcloud, so if you would rather hear it there, click here

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