Murakami cats - we have a little Christmas gift for you! In our efforts to keep this little blog fresh and interesting for you guys we’ve come up with this new little project called Murakami Places. The main idea is to collect all the important locations in Haruki Murakami’s stories and put them into several maps (one map for each novel) to have a nice and clear overview of important and interesting places in each story line. We’ve recently completed the first “episode” which focuses on 1Q84. We’re going to update and adjust this from time to time for it’s not exactly done yet (as you’ll easily notice when you see the poor descriptions).

Click here for the 1Q84 Map!

Link to Google Maps

Street View highly recommended! 

Give us your opinion on this! Feel free to tell us about new things to add, misplaced markers and so on. We plan a map for each of Haruki’s novels - it’s certainly going to take some time but you’re cordially invited to give us a hand if you want.

Couple of other things:

  • Check out our Murakami Index!
  • We plan to rearrange some things and, due to a lack of skill, need help. Anyone who knows how to deal with a few basic HTML issues and who is willing to waste some time, please contact us via the email address in the description of this blog. Much appreciated!
  • Merry Christmas, everyone!

— Mikey

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    村上春樹の小説の中で言及された重要となる地名・建物を、googlemap上で一目でわかるように各小説ごとにまとめていきます。まずは1Q84から。 I’m loving this new project!
  4. orererere answered: Wonderful idea! I think, it could the “Wild Sheep Chase” for the second one. There is such a long trip in it..)
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    I’m a big fan of this idea. Now, to get to Japan, somehow…
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