TFM & Sven Swift (Error Broadcast) - The New Mendacity by Thefindmag on Mixcloud

The New Mendacity - TFM & Sven Swift (Error Broadcast Mix)

Something different - a Jazz mix from The Find Mag:

“The New Mendacity” is a collection of 1960s US Avant-garde Jazz tunes that share a certain atmosphere. The 1960 were awesome times for music, and Jazz in particular. Advancing from the musical corset of Blues, young Jazz explored new harmonies, formats, and ideologies.

Intellectually challenging on the one, the ‘New Thing’ brought back a new sensitivity for emotional content, too. In this context ‘Anti Jazz’ was even closer to Blues than any 50s Jazz has ever been. Most of the tracks I arranged deal with Africa as spiritual motherland to an US American population that was just at the edge of legal equality, and this echoes in the music.

I found an air of vague hope and atmosphere of departure, but swelling beneath a certain insecurity is immanent to nearly all music on here. By times tender and subtle as with Andrew Hill and Sam Rivers, however well articulate in the works of Archie Shepp and Max Roach.

- Sven Swift

More info/Free Download:

(01) Charles Mingus – Memories of You
(02) Sam Rivers – Euterpe
(03) Andrew Hill – Passing Ships
(04) Elvin Jones & Jimmy Garrison – Oriental Flower
(05) Archie Shepp – New Africa
(06) Max Roach – Mendacity
(07) John Coltrane – Greensleeves
(08) Roland Kirk – From Bechet, Byas and Fats
(09) Art Blackey & The Jazz Messengers – Blue Lace

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