"That’s your responsibility as a person, as a human being — to constantly be updating your positions on as many things as possible. And if you don’t contradict yourself on a regular basis, then you’re not thinking."

Malcolm Gladwell

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Safa (by Marika Bäumler)

Gizmo - Lift Me Up (feat. Nick Hakim)

Cherry Tree Blossom by Olga Trushnikova

Cherry Tree Blossom by Olga Trushnikova


Sometimes you linger days
upon a word,
a single, uncontaminated drop
of sound; for days

it trembles, liquid to the mind,
then falls:
mere denotation
dimming the undertow of language.

— John Burnside, from “Like me, you sometimes waken” in Common Knowledge (Cape Poetry, 1991)

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Espresso (by MelihERSAHiN)

"We must learn to question everything over and over again . Our minds are so constrained by our current conception of reality, but we do not have to be.

The miracle of Radical Inclusivity is the recognition that we already exist beyond where our minds can go. There is nowhere to go because I am already there. If reality is truly continuous, then there is nowhere that I am not already because there could never be a hard line that separated me from everything else. I am not bound by my body or my mind. The edge of my skin is not the end of my being.

The limits of my understanding are not the limits of my consciousness."

Jeff Carreira, Radical Inclusivity: Expanding Our Minds Beyond Dualistic Thinking

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Newton Faulkner - Teardrop

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The Poetry of Things (by azraviolet 9)

"Whose silence are you?"

Thomas Merton

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"…human nature was originally one and we were a whole, and the desire and pursuit of the whole is called love."

Woman With Flowers by  Bruno Landi

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Entity (by Marika Bäumler)