One Saturday night, Tsukuru and Haida were up talking late as usual when they turned to the subject of death. They talked about the significance of dying, about having to live with the knowledge that you were going to die. They discussed it mainly in theoretical terms. Tsukuru wanted to…

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Moroccan Mint Tea, Fez (by Trevor Huxham)

Moroccan Mint Tea, Fez (by Trevor Huxham)


Meditate on the Self.
One without two,
Exalted awareness.

Give up the illusion
Of the separate self.

Give up the feeling,
Within or without,
That you are this or that.

My child,
Because you think you are the body,
For a long time you have been bound.

Know you are pure awareness.

With this knowledge as your sword
Cut through your chains.

And be happy!


Ashtavakra Gita

Translation: Thomas Byrom

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Godard (by antonio•merini)

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Sheila Chandra - The Enchantment

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After long long hours of sitting at my desk or computer my body has grown increasingly dissatisfied with this routine of mine…so yoga has been happening in my life to amend the situation! Here is a little gouache painting inspired by this new part of my day! 

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  1. Camera: EPSON GT-20000
Muse Group by Jenny Mastin

Muse Group by Jenny Mastin

"Contain your experience with the divine so that it does not escape you but rather shapes you. Be silent. Silence will help you avoid engaging in the games of competition and illusion that regularly seduce us in the outside world. Silence also helps you avoid distraction. It helps focus the busy mind - the mind that always has to be doing something, thinking something, the mind that always has to be otherwise engaged lest it become introspective and allow the soul’s voice to override its own. The silence I am describing is a silence that you use to contain the grace you receive when you enter the Castle of your soul. This quality of silence allows you to engage in discernment. You carry this silence within you, even when you are with others. It allows you to hold your centre amid the chaos of your life; it keeps you clear so that you do not do or say things you will regret or make decisions out of fear."

Caroline Myss

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Cortona, Italy

"Surrender is not weakness. There is great strength in it. Only a surrendered person has spiritual power. Through surrender, you will be free internally of the situation."

Eckhart Tolle

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Maurice Ravel - Jeux d’eau

piano: Sviatoslav Richter

"The river-god laughing as the water tickles him…"

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